Jul 25 2017

Lennon Mae’s Birth Story

Something in our hearts told us to go to FL when “J” was 37 weeks along. We had anticipated an early arrival of baby girl and it just felt right to be there. On May 2, 2017 we arrived at the airport with no idea what we needed but as much baby stuff as we…

Mar 6 2017

More than we could have prayed for

Early on in this process, there have been a few things on my heart in regards to the details of what our match would look like. For months, I have prayed over those heart feelings and desires, fully knowing there are never guarantees, but that I needed to trust in the Lord’s ultimate plan. Once…

Feb 19 2017

We’ve been MATCHED!

I see it now Lord. It’s everything you put on our hearts years ago. I didn’t always trust Your timing, but Your timing is more perfect, beautiful and redemptive than I could have ever written myself. A few weeks ago, I felt truly broken in this process. I found myself crying out to the Lord that he work within…

Jan 4 2017


1:31pm…”She chose the other family.” Three weeks waiting. Twenty days of dreaming about meeting our baby. We felt “K” was THE situation. I watched my husband and I’s hearts, minds and lives be filled with anticipation and love for this expectant mama and baby. Last week we found out we were one of the two families she…

Dec 20 2016

Is This Our Baby?

For the past two months we have seen situations come through our email. Once a situation comes you have a short time to read the profile, pray and decide if your family wants to present to the expectant Mama. Every email stops time, gets my blood flowing and creates a pitter patter in my heart.…

Nov 29 2016

Faith > Fear

Have faith & trust God. We get told this all the time right? This phrase is thrown around and I am completely guilty of saying it to others often. Telling them to trust God completely and know that He is working all things for their good. That He makes no mistakes and will provide and answer…

Nov 2 2016

Bringing Home Baby C: How You Can Help!

We have been overwhelmed and felt so loved with people asking,” How can we help?” Through a lot of prayer, guidance and accepting that people do want to help us, we are humbly asking for your help overcoming the financial hurdle of adoption. Our journey to Baby C has been filled with a lot of…

Oct 27 2016

Our Adoption Profile Book

This little book is so much more than a book. It’s our lives on paper. Our lives skimmed down to 20 pages. This little book will be the first glimpse expectant mom’s see of our faces. The first glimpse she sees of the people who the baby she is carrying could call “Mommy and Daddy”. I get chills imagining what…

Oct 18 2016

Adoption Questions… Answered!

To our friends + family + community- We are humbled, blessed and blown away with the excitement you all have for us. I also have to say, I am banking on how many of you said we will be great parents in the future. When I picture myself knee deep in poopy diapers, baby screams,…

Oct 9 2016

Faith never knows where it is being led…

It has been a year and a half since we have stepped foot into a fertility office. Over a year since I have been excited about a fourth IVF cycle. I spent a lot of time trying to decipher in my heart the questions my head was being filled with. Was the financial, physical and emotional risk…

Oct 8 2016

Announcement Video

We have been keeping a secret and are so excited to announce to you all that we are ADOPTING! Check out our announcement video by opening this post!


Our thought and plan was that we would get married and have babies. After this not happening naturally and being labeled infertile we turned to medical intervention. Our infertility is partially explained as a combination of endometriosis and sperm quality issues. After a few years of failures with IVF cycles our final diagnosis is poor embryo quality. Our spirits were broken but we turned to God as to where we should go next. He has shown us that we have so much love to give a baby. It has been a 7 year journey filled with a lot of heart break, but also filled with a lot of promise, hope and grace.

Hi! I'm Megan.


I am a wife to my soul mate as well as a daughter, sister, and friend. I am a proud child of God who is learning and growing through our struggle of bringing a baby into this world. I have endometriosis, adenomyosis, and together... weak embryos. When I am not dreaming of 10 little toes and fingers, I am soaking in everything this life has to offer, being active, loving on my fur babies and pretending that I am a chef.



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