Our Adoption Profile Book

This little book is so much more than a book. It’s our lives on paper. Our lives skimmed down to 20 pages. This little book will be the first glimpse expectant mom’s see of our faces. The first glimpse she sees of the people who the baby she is carrying could call “Mommy and Daddy”. I get chills imagining what it will be like for her as she navigates through this book, page by page trying to develop a clear understanding of who we are and imagine the future. The text, the photos, the words, the letter to the woman we have only imagined. We poured our hearts out on paper. We can only pray that with each sentence she reads she gains a deep sense of the huge amount of love we have for each other and our future child.

Here is a glimpse of my most favorite little book!




I am so glad we made the decision to have Stacy Kron Photography take updated lifestyle photos for this book. She has a true gift as so many of you already know. I have looked through the pages so many times and every time it is more evident that she captured exactly who we are. I love that our book is more of a photo book! Secondly, our consultant Casey did such an amazing job designing it! We are so incredibly happy with how it turned out.

Now we pray that when the time is right, something in this little book will connect and speak to our birth mom. Keep praying!

Xo-Kris & Meg


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