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1:31pm…”She chose the other family.”

Three weeks waiting.

Twenty days of dreaming about meeting our baby.

We felt “K” was THE situation.

I watched my husband and I’s hearts, minds and lives be filled with anticipation and love for this expectant mama and baby.

Last week we found out we were one of the two families she had narrowed her decision down to. We were over the moon.

We prepared that the decision would more than likely be made within days of the baby being born. There was no way to protect and guard our hearts, it was too close.

We were completely “in.”

This was the first situation we have seen that felt right, but someone’s heart is always broken and for this situation it had to be ours.

Adoption is messy, hard and confusing.

Our consultant reminded us that when we hold our baby, we will be grateful she chose the other family because it led us to our baby.

I can promise you this… tonight I will cry and take a few moments to process these emotions.

But even still…I will always care for and respect “K”. I will continue to pray for her, her baby and the adoptive parents in the coming days.

They have left a deep imprint on my heart over the last three weeks.

This was not our decision, it was hers and it’s a big one. She needed to take her time and she needed to feel confident in her decision.

We feel God on the move and we pray that we will be renewed with clarity and hope. This was not our baby.

Xo- Kris & Megan


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  1. Judy on January 5, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    Our son and daughter-in-law went through something hard like that. The baby died and then they found out the mom was not going to give her up. Long story short, after a while they ended up adopting a 10 month old boy from Russia. He is now 19. (A miracle child that would have died if not adopted.) He will be married this summer and truly God’s gift for this family. God does have a miracle child for you also!
    I will pray for you in this hard time and for the perfect child for you!!!!

  2. Kelly on January 5, 2017 at 6:31 pm

    You are a beautiful human. Thank you for sharing this with me today – I needed it more than you know. You are living out Christ’s love through your radical faith and trust. His will be done, right? …and until your baby arrive tears, chocolate and lots of hugs. xoxo

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